Dar Al-Hekma University Develops Activities to Promote a Global Issue of Sustainability

dsc_2561On December 13, 2016 Dar Al-Hekma University’s student development department organized a recycling competition for the students and alumnae on campus.  The competition is part of a series of sustainability activities that are designed to help students understand the meaning and concept of sustainability.

 Ms. Maysoon Alsowayigh, had the idea of creating a recycling competition which was in line with Dar Al-Hekma University’s value of the year 2016-2017 “Sustainability”. The competition motivated students to creatively think about innovative ways on how to recycle materials into new useful things. Over twenty students and alumnae participated in the competition and could choose to recycle from three different categories: home/personal accessory piece, children educational toy and a product that serves the environment.

Dar Al-Hekma University introduced sustainability activities because it currently is a global issue and aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030.  The recycling competition is a social responsibility initiative that is just one of many initiatives that encourages creativity while minimizing waste.  Each participating student received one community service hour for partaking in the recycling competition.

“We wanted to know whether or not our students understood the meaning of sustainability, therefore we conducted a survey asking them if they understood the concept of sustainability and through the survey we found out that the majority of students did not know what it meant.  Hence, we decided to conduct several events every week that aim to help our students understand sustainability better,” said Dr. Suhair H. Al Qurashi, President of Dar Al-Hekma University.

The winners of the competition were a group of students from the DAH Green Club.  All the participants had only one hour to come up and design their ideas. Additionally, Ms. Mona Othman, one of the participants commented, “When I was a student at Dar Al-Hekma, I wanted to help save the environment which is why I was a member at the DAH Green Club and now I work in a field that helps support the environment.”   

“The youth at Dar Al-Hekma University and throughout the world need to understand that what we do today creates tomorrow.  Communicating sustainability activities such as the recycling competition will help the youth understand that,” said Dr. Sanaa Askool, Dean of Students.

Also, the “Quilting Bees of Jeddah”, a group of ladies interested in quilting and the concept of recycling fabrics, provided three workshops (Paper Piecing, Lamps Shades and Fabric Tassels) on both Tuesday and Wednesday. In addition, other companies that support recycling and sustainability participated in the event such as Alnabta.

Dar Al-Hekma University announced the winners of the recycling competition on December 13, 2016 that was held on the University campus on the same day.